MFJ Contest Submission Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

The Molecular Frontiers Journal Award-
Solutions for Future Planet Earth

Eligibility: Solutions for Planet Earth is open to all high school age students 13-18 as of December 31, 2018.

How to participate: To participate in the competition for Solutions for Future Planet Earth students must complete the online registration form.

You can submit your application between Friday, November 30, 2018 and Thursday, February 28, 2019 via the application portal on this website. Once you submit your application, no further edits or changes will be possible.

Only one entry per student is allowed.


Applicants should identify an opportunity that the planet offers, or a challenge that it is, or will be facing. The opportunity or challenge selected may be large or small.

The opportunity or challenge should be clearly stated and the solution to either embrace or mitigate this articulated. 

Submissions must not exceed 1000 words and may include up to 4 figures.

Selection criteria:

Applications will be judged according to the following criteria:

1.     Clarity of identification of either opportunity or challenge for future planet earth.

  1. Quality of opportunity or challenge identified.

  2. Quality and feasibility of solution provided.

  3. The feasibility of the solution offered.

  4. The positive impact your solution could have on the planet.


The winners of the competition will be announced on May 9th at the Planet Earth: A Scientific Journey symposium, hosted by Molecular Frontiers Foundation and The Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, in Stockholm, Sweden. 

A number of the top submissions, will be short-listed by the Molecular Frontiers Journal panel of scientific experts and included in the book to be published by World Scientific, “Solutions for Future Earth-by high school students from around the world” (working title).

Up to 10 of the submissions will be on view in poster format during the symposium “Planet Earth: A Scientific Journey” that will be held at Aula Magna in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 9/10.

The top three submissions will receive a first, second and third place award.
First prize      $5000
Second prize $3000
Third prize    $2000


In participating in the Competition, each participant waives any and all claims of liability against Molecular Frontiers Journal, its employees and agents, the Competition’s sponsors and their respective employees and agents, for any personal injury or loss that may occur from the conduct of, or their participation in, the Competition, or from the use of any prize monies or participation in any related trips or activities. Participants who are selected as prize winners must sign an official waiver form before their names will be announced as such.

Use of Personal Information 

By participating in the Competition, all participants and winners agree to grant Molecular Frontiers Journal the permission to use their names, submitted applications and related materials in connection with the promotion of the Competition and to waive any claims to royalties, rights or remuneration associated with any such use. 

Intellectual Property

By participating in the Competition, each applicant confirms that the ideas presented in his/her application are wholly his/her own.

In applying for the Competition, each applicant agrees that, if he/she is selected, that he/she will allow their submission to be published in the book “Solutions for Future Earth” published by World Scientific, displayed in poster format at the May 9/10 symposium, Planet Earth: A Scientific Journey, at the Aula Magna in Stockholm and will allow digital publication as part of the Molecular Frontiers Journal.  


Each winner is solely responsible for reporting any prize money he/she receives to his/her tax authorities and for paying any and all applicable taxes and/or other expenses related to the Competition.


Each winner must submit proof of eligibility to participate in the Competition and sign a release form to claim any prize associated with the Competition, if under 18 a parent or guardian must sign on your behalf. The Molecular Frontiers Journal may amend the Competition rules or discontinue the Competition at any time. The Molecular Frontiers Journal disclaims any responsibility to notify participants of any aspect related to the conduct of the Competition.